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People behind Necesitas

Active members (Alphabetic ordering)

Marco Bernasocchi
Marco Bernasocchi Necessitas website & wiki maintainer

Ray Donnelly
Ray Donnelly Windows & Mac OSX ports of Necessitas SDK (Installer Framework, QtCreator, Qt framework tools), Necessitas custom toolchains and gdb with python support

Willy Gardiol
Willy Gardiol Necessitas website & wiki maintainer

Tyler Mandry
Tyler Mandry reworked Java/C++ interaction, added support for QML debugging on Android

BogDan Vatra
BogDan Vatra is the creator and the current leader of the Necessitas project, is working on: Qt port on Android, QtCreator Android plugin, Necessitas SDK Installer Framework (based on Nokia's Installer Framework, Ministro distribution system, and maintains QtMobility

Non active members (Alphabetic ordering)

Damien Buhl
Damien Buhl initial author of Necessitas website, docs and wikis

Elektrobit team
Elektrobit team they've made the initial QtMobility port

Marijn Kruisselbrink
Marijn Kruisselbrink worked on Android native menu support

Lauri Laanmets
Lauri Laanmets Android Bluetooth implementation

Nuno Pinheiro
Nuno Pinheiro extremely beautiful artwork

Thomas Senyk
Thomas Senyk OpenGL support for Android

Supporting members

KDE keeps all the things running.

TODO add all the people who contribute with more than a simple patch to this list

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